Call for Papers: CMI Field Workshop on Firm Finance

8th August, 2020


We invite submissions for a one day workshop on Firm Finance research by the Chennai Mathematical Institute. The workshop will feature five research papers and one panel discussion. The workshop aims to cover presentations and discussions across the following set of research topics:

  • Capital structure of firms
  • Corporate investment decisions
  • Firm financing and macro events
  • Firm financing and financial risk management
  • Firm financing and corporate governance
  • The role of old financial intermediaries (banks) and new (venture capital and private equity)
  • MSME financing

Preliminary versions of the paper may be considered provided that the research question is clearly outlined along with preliminary results. The workshop will be held in Bombay on August 8, 2020. Please send in your submissions before July 6, 2020. Selection decisions will be announced by July 17, 2020. One day accommodation may be provided to selected academic presenters. We are monitoring the progress of the COVID-19 pandemic. At this point we are hopeful that the workshop will proceed as planned. If it becomes necessary to conduct through webinar, we will let you know as soon as possible.

For submission and further queries, write to