Committee on Data and Information Management in the Reserve Bank of India

In December 2013, the Reserve Bank of India, had set up a committee under executive director Deepak Mohanthy. The objective of the committee was:

  1. Reviewing the existing system of data collection, dissemination and management processes;
  2. Examining the feasibility of moving towards granular, multi-purpose data collection and more integrated and structured data production processes.

We worked for the sub-committee on "Data Issues in Monetary, Macroeconomic Analysis and Financial Stability". The objective of the sub-committee was:

  1. Review data availability for Monetary, Macro Economic Analysis and Financial Stability in the light of felt needs in policy analysis as also consistent with global best practices particularly following from G-20 / IMF initiatives;
  2. Identify data sources and methodology for new datasets.

The report                                                                                                            RBI
July 2014