Finance Research Group Webinar on Two years of Rythu Bandhu: successes and failures

25th April, 2020

It has been two years since the State Government of Telangana implemented the Rythu Bandhu Scheme, an agriculture income support scheme linked to land records. Around the same time, three other states, namely, Odisha, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh announced similar schemes in their respective states. However, unlike the other states that have rolled out such schemes, the state government of Telangana undertook a state-wide land records updation drive prior to rolling out the Rythu Bandhu scheme. The drive involved involved the rectification of errors in land records, updating the land records and the issuance of digital and secured pattadar passbooks to the owners of agricultural land parcels. This makes Telangana an interesting and unique state to study from the perspective of both land records and their linkages to welfare distribution. Two years since the implementation of the Rythu Bandhu Scheme, a lot has been written in the mass media about the successes and failures of the scheme.

This webinar brings together research scholars, policy makers and officers of the state government involved in the last-mile implementation of the Rythu Bandhu and the immediately preceding land records updation drive. The objective of this roundtable is to present in-depth research undertaken by FRG on the Rythu Bandhu scheme and the lessons to be drawn for the state of Telangana as well as other states that have rolled out similar schemes.


11:00 - 11:10 Opening Remarks
Shreya Deb, Omidyar Network
11:10 – 11:50 Linking welfare distribution to land records: a case-study of the Rythu Bandhu Scheme (RBS) in Telangana [presentation]
Diya Uday, Finance Research Group
Discussant: Devendra Damle, NIPFP
11:50 – 12:50 Panel discussion: Two years of Rythu Bandhu: capacity, implementation and lessons
Bhargavi Zaveri, Finance Research Group (Moderator)
J.P. Narayan, Loksatta Party
Narsing Rao, Government of Telangana
Shilpa Kumar, Omidyar Network
Barun Mitra, Liberty Institute
12:50 – 13:00 Closing Remarks
Susan Thomas, IGIDR

Speakers whose names are marked in boldface have confirmed there presence.