IGIDR field workshop on firm finance research,
24th June 2017

The IGIDR field workshop on firm finance aims to bring together experts in a field to discuss research ideas and policy relevant questions, dedicating time for discussion and presentation that is larger than presentation at the typical research conference. The audience for these workshops includes academics, participants from the domestic and international legal and financial industry, policy makers from the local government as well as regulators.

This year, the policy discussions will focus on issues related to credit for firms. The first is the first-year review of the implementation of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, the law that strengthens the rights of the creditor in default. How well this law is implemented has significant ramifications for the development of public debt markets, that is required in India for greater efficiency in firm and project financing. The second is a review of the present credit crisis for Indian firms, with the large scale distress visible in bank loans. The discussion will focus on what factors present a barrier in resolving this distress, and why the bank credit crisis may be in place longer than the current debates suggest.

The agenda for the workshop is as follows: